Retail’s Cutting edge (RCE) 2018

With less than a month until Retail’s Cutting Edge in Hong Kong Kong in January, it’s time to take advantage of the New Year special registration opportunity and ensure your seat!

Lock in the date! Register for Retail’s Cutting Edge by Inside Retail Live online today. Then on January 31:

to the inspirational stories of successful startup founders like Lui Tong (Strawberrynet) and Leza Parker (SC Beauty).

how to pitch for investment funding for your next game-changing concept.

technology in action in our Startup + Retail Tech Fair where up to 20 businesses will be explaining their solutions to retail challenges.

at emerging retail trends in a series of presentations by leading analysts from Hong Kong and beyond – and think about how to make the most of them before your rivals do.

the energy of 500 inspired executives from Hong Kong and beyond, all searching for the key competitive edge in the fast-evolving retail industry.