Dr. Toa Charm

DBA, M.A., B.Sc., AI and Big Data Certification (MIT)

Dr. Toa Charm has over 30 years of management, marketing, consulting and executive education experience in innovation and the technology industry. He has held senior management positions in leading multinationals in Hong Kong and mainland technology and financial services companies including Cyberport, HSBC, IBM, Oracle, Kingdee and Jardine Pacific.

During his role as Chief Public Mission Officer at Cyberport, he led his team to establish and cultivate a world-leading digital tech ecosystem in Hong Kong with 1,200+ digital tech companies from 30+ countries. He actively nurtures talents and start-ups especially in AI/Big Data and FinTech areas and is passionate about developing local IT talent.

Associate Professor, Business School, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Former Chief Public Mission Officer, Cyberport
Chairman and Principal Advisor of FinTech and AI/Big Data Start-ups
Chief Judge of 2019 Hong Kong ICT Awards – FinTech Award
Winner of 2018 CityU Outstanding Doctor of Biz. Admin. Alumni Award


Mr. Andy Kwok


Mr. Andy Kwok has over 25 years of experience in the Information and Technology fields and held various senior-level positions previously. He was the Senior Manager of Jardine Matheson Group’s company. During his 20 years in JM Group, Mr. Kwok led the sales teams responsible for different client sectors, including multinational financial service corporations, government departments, public and private medical organizations, and JM Group companies. Mr. Kwok was also nominated as the Jardine Ambassador from 2011 to 2013, promoting the MINDSET project, aiming at the community’s mental health concern.

Before founding OpenCertHub, Mr. Kwok was the Business Development Director of a local open-source technology company. During his tenure, Mr. Kwok helped the company win several big data contracts from the public health organisation, including training, consulting, infrastructure, and software solutions. Due to his passion for big data development, Mr. Kwok participated in the “B4B Big Data Challenge” held in 2016 and won the Champion of the “Smart City Stream.” He also assisted B4B to promote big data-related activities to local universities. In late 2018, Mr. Kwok formed a team and founded OpenCertHub.

Mr. Kwok holds a Master’s Degree in Knowledge Management from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


Mr. Daniel Yuen


Daniel has more than 30 years of experience in information technology. In 2011, he joined Gartner as Research Director covering the global agenda of Business Analytics and Big Data and specialized in offering advice to C-suites Officers, IT functions and analytics leaders to optimize business return, avoid risk and create the visible line of sights between technology investments to business outcomes. Before joining Gartner, Daniel was the Senior Project Manager of G A Infomart focusing on implementing Business Analytics and Data Warehouse strategy and projects for MNCs and enterprises in various sectors: broadcasting, banking and finance, food and catering, government, insurance, manufacturing and retail.

The wide engagement with Analytics and Big Data practitioners around the globe and on-hand technology implementation experiences enabled Daniel offers compelling advice for organizations to define strategy, roadmap, organizational structures, best practices, change management and technology necessary to maximize business impact.

Daniel holds the Postgraduate Certificate in Software Engineering from HKU and an MBA from the University of South Australia.