• Dedicated to bring up the awareness of Cloud and Mobile Computing, and promote its adoption, knowledge sharing among members, universities and companies.
  • Facilitate the communication and collaboration among the interested international parties in Cloud and Mobile Computing related areas.
  • Encourage information technology adoption in local businesses and communities.


  • To provide guidance on education and consultation related to Cloud and Mobile Computing in different application areas.
  • Liaise with different organizations such as government department, public bodies, media, universities, and private businesses to achieve our mission.
  • Encourage public organizations, business corporations and also individuals to join the boosting world of Cloud and Mobile computing and participation in social services to broaden application of technology.
  • Organize seminars, workshops, training, sharing and other activities on cloud and mobile communication technology application.
  • Persuade more sectors of the society join in to support the continuous growth of the Cloud and Mobile technology in Hong Kong.
  • Provide recommendation for Government to legislate for related policies.
  • Select and citation to recognize outstanding talent, review articles and student papers.
  • Establish talent database and exchange platform related to Cloud and Mobile Computing.
  • Other issues in accordance with the purposes of the association.