About Us

The Association of Cloud and Mobile Computing Professionals (ACMCP) is a non-profit making professional organization founded in 2014. Members of ACMCP come from a wide spectrum of professions including experts in areas including but not limited to consultancy, investment, sales and marketing, innovative design, internet-related professional services and mobile application developers.


  • Dedicated to bring up the awareness of Cloud and Mobile Computing, and promote its adoption, knowledge sharing among members, universities and companies.
  • Facilitate the communication and collaboration among the interested international parties in Cloud and Mobile Computing related areas.
  • Encourage information technology adoption in local businesses and communities.


  • To provide guidance on education and consultation related to Cloud and Mobile Computing in different application areas.
  • Liaise with different organizations such as government department, public bodies, media, universities, and private businesses to achieve our mission.
  • Encourage public organizations, business corporations and also individuals to join the boosting world of Cloud and Mobile computing and participation in social services to broaden application of technology.
  • Organize seminars, workshops, training, sharing and other activities on cloud and mobile communication technology application.
  • Persuade more sectors of the society join in to support the continuous growth of the Cloud and Mobile technology in Hong Kong.
  • Provide recommendation for Government to legislate for related policies.
  • Select and citation to recognize outstanding talent, review articles and student papers.
  • Establish talent database and exchange platform related to Cloud and Mobile Computing.
  • Other issues in accordance with the purposes of the association.



雲端與流動運算專業人士協會( ACMCP )是成立於 2014 年的一個非牟利專業組織。ACMCP 的成員來自於不同領域的專家,他們包括但並不限於顧問、投資、市場銷售、創新設計、互聯網相關的專業服務和移動應用程序開發人員。


  • 致力於提高大學與企業等成員間雲端和流動運算的意識,並促進其接受和知識共享。
  • 促進在雲端和流動運算相關領域中感興趣的國際組織間的通信和協作。
  • 鼓勵當地企業和社區採用信息技術。


  • 為不同的應用領域在培訓和資訊上提供有關雲端與流動運算的處理技術。
  • 與如政府機關、公共機構、媒體、大學和私營企業等不同的機構組織保持聯繫,從而達到我們的使命。
  • 鼓勵社會團體、商業企業和個人加入促進雲端及流動運算和參與社會服務擴大的應用技術。
  • 組織關於雲端及流動通信技術的應用程序的研討會、講習班、培訓、分享和其他活動。
  • 說服更多的行業協會參與支持雲端和流動技術在香港的持續發展。
  • 為政府相關政策立法提供建議。
  • 選擇和引用優秀的人才,評論文章和學生論文。
  • 建立與雲端和流動運算有關的人才數據庫和交流平台。
  • 其他事項按照協會的意志解決。