Open Source Development Committee (OSDC)

Subcommittee of ACMCP

About OSDC

Open Source Development Committee is the subcommittee of ACMCP. This subcommittee actively promotes the value of open source technology in driving digital transformation. Open source technology is not just for the interest of IT participants, most of the business users today are essential to learn the open source software tools to power up their daily work to achieve the “Low Cost, High Performance” objective. Promoting open source software via learning is critical, a better knowledge to developers, decision-makers, and users can allow everyone understand the value of open source software and collaboration techniques.

In view of digitalization of work as a profound sociotechnical transformation and the possibilities and threats digitalization brings to the workplace, ODSC encourages various open source software tools for acting proactively and collaboratively in the organizations, and networks to develop human centered and sustainable digitalized work that enhances productivity, safety, and well-being at work.