The Society of Registered Financial Planners (HKRFP) is a non-profit organization dedicated in the governance of highest professional standards and performance in financial planning profession, and nurture professionalism among financial planners, and raise public awareness on values of financial planning services since 2001.

As wealth management and financial planning has become a survival kit and life-long technique in today world, HKRFP has been launching the Hong Kong Undergraduate Financial Planners of the Year Award (the “Award”) for undergraduate students annually since 2011. The aims of the Award are to raise awareness of financial planning among students and to arm them with adequate understandings in financial planning as a career. A free workshop/ seminar on preparation of financial plan will be provided for all participants.

Latest year over 350 students from regional universities have participated in the Award Competition, responses were overwhelming. This Competition is open to all full-time students studying in the undergraduate programs of following universities in Hong Kong and Macau:
– City University of Hong Kong
– Hong Kong Baptist University
– Hong Kong Shue Yan University
– Lingnan University
– The Chinese University of Hong Kong
– The Education University of Hong Kong
– The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong
– The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
– The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
– The Open University of Hong Kong
– The University of Hong Kong
– University of Macau

More details: http://www.hkrfp.org/