CXO Forum 2020

At the CXO Forum 2020, our expert speakers and your fellow business elites will force you to evaluate if your company can survive the next wave of change. Will your company under your leadership fly up like a rocket? Or will it fade out like a pair of washed jeans?

It’s an age full of changes and uncertainties. What kind of transformational leadership will steer the company through the turbulence of disruptive business models, data driven operating environments and consumer experiential economies? What new products and services must be invented to take advantage of the maturity of technology and the adaptability of consumer behaviour?

FinTech? Yes. AI? Sure. Blockchain? No doubt. Cloud? Of Course. Machine Learning? Definitely. What must be given up and adopted to stay future proof? Or just as importantly, WHEN?

Each CXO occupies a unique position in the company’s success, guarding and dispensing invaluable resources. However, like the musicians in an ensemble, understanding your CXO role is just as important as understanding the role of other CXOs in your company. How would you work together to take your company to the next phase of growth and success?

In all cases, the CXO Forum 2020 is the place to be to joust with and against the best in the business community. Don’t miss it!