The Tortoise and Hare’s Race on the Cloud

The Tortoise and Hare’s Race on the Cloud

The development of Internet and Cloud adoption in China is in rapid pace while Hong Kong is way lagged behind in the last few years.   Our chairman will start the seminar with a brief description of the situation and some thoughts for Hong Kong to catch up.  Mr. McLaughlin, an experienced Internet expert in Hong Kong and China will talk about the true value of using Cloud to do business and some best cases.  Mr. Lo will wrap up the seminar by introducing the technology trend of enterprise storage and the state of the art devices.

Date:  13th Aug 2015 (Thur)
Time:  18:30 – 21:00
Venue: Hong Kong Ltd  26/F, Tower 1, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Fee:  Free of charge
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Topic 1: The Race of Tortoise and Hare

Lately, Hong Kong is losing its edge as the powerhouse of finance and gateway of China.  Reasons are that Mainland China is picking up the pace in developing her eCommerce business with sound infrastructure with many innovations.  Not only the government is using an open and relax attitude to give room for the Internet related industries to develop in rapid pace, the well adaption of using electronic payment, cloud computing and mobile adoption in daily life by general public also changed the business landscape.   On the other hand, the very slow and conservative attitude of Hong Kong government is giving hurdles for the local industries to make good use of Internet.  Moreover, as most local citizens would rather be living in their comfort zone, there is still no significant development on online business in Hong Kong.  During the talk, Mr. Chan will not only tell you the stories of how general public and companies are doing business in China over their mobile devices, but he will also share his vision of making Hong Kong as the eCommerce and Internet Finance hub in the future.

E1Mr. Emil Chan
MBA, University of Iowa, Certified NLP Trainer
Mr. Chan is a technology and business professional with over 20 years experience in managing IT and business transformation projects in the financial industry, listed companies and technology start-ups. He has extensive experience in both Business and IT consulting encompassing the design, setup, leading and managing of cross-border projects throughout Asia. In addition he is a lecturer in postgraduate eBusiness courses for several renowned universities in mainland China.  Emil graduated from the University of Iowa with a Master of Business Administration degree. In addition, he is a certified NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) Trainer.

Topic 2: How TCO Benefits Make Cloud Computing a No-Brainer for Many SMBs and Mid-Market Enterprises

Cloud computing eliminates the need for individual companies to buy, deploy and maintain IT infrastructure or application software. In the cloud computing model or SaaS model, the vendor takes responsibility for deploying and managing the infrastructure and processes required to run and manage the full solution. This results in substantial economies of scale and skill, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) for customers who deploy business management solutions.

Platform cloud services abstract the underlying infrastructure and allow organizations to focus on the applications they want to deploy to the cloud, which is where the true business value comes from. Organizations are able to dramatically drive down the development/deployment, operational and management costs which make up the lion’s share of the real-world costs faced by IT organizations.  Cloud is as big as the move to the Internet was, or bigger!


Mr.Kevin McLaughlin
Kevin McLaughlin is the Regional Sales Manager across North Asia + Japan for Huber + Suhner AG focused on Fiber Optic components for Internet Data Centers and Local Area Networking enterprise environments.

Kevin entered the ICT industry in 1985 and has grown up with industry heavy weights AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Verizon and Huawei focused on driving solutions transformations and client technology adoption as changes continued to be introduced in the industry. Kevin developed and facilitated multiple technology sales strategy and positioning campaign workshops throughout APAC across a multitude of technologies for VMware, Cisco, Tandberg, HP and Verizon as an independent business consultant. Kevin first entered and began working across Asia when he landed in Beijing in 1998.

Topic 3: The Power of Enterprise Flash for Cloud & e-Commerce era

The storage industry has been dominated by traditional spinning disk technology based on magnetic storage in the past decades. With the advances in semiconductor technology and falling prices of flash memory, the industry is moving quickly towards replacing the hard disk by Non-volatile Flash Memory Media & Solutions (incl. SSD, PCIe Flash etc.) to address the exponentially demands on performance in the Modern Cloud & e-Commerce era. Join us and know more about this Modern Technology Trend of Enterprise Storage.


Mr. Andrew Lo
Senior Sales Manager, Enterprise Team, SanDisk Corporation

Mr. Lo is a technology and business professional with over 15 years experience in IT industry and has been managing IT business in different MNC Technology companies. Andrew is graduated from the City University of Hong Kong with Business Administration degree. An enthusiastic and good solutions-minded professional.

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