Webinar: An Overview of Fintech Strategies for Executives

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has set up the new Fintech Facilitation Office (FFO) to support the sustainable development of the Fintech industry in Hong Kong and to keep the public confident in Fintech services and the banking system.

This workshop is to enable C-suite and senior management to know the latest development of Fintech on AI, Blockchain, Cloud, and Big Data.

Workshop Objectives
1. Enrich participants’ Fintech knowledge.
2. Examine industry updates, applications and market trends.
3. Inspire participants on applying the knowledge in their workplace and get prepared on facing upcoming Fintech challenges from leadership perspective.

Lecture Session – Innovation Business with Fintech
Objective: This session aims to equip participants with the latest Fintech knowledge, facilitating them to ride on the Fintech wave for business success.

1. Fintech Industry
• Market trend of technology development & impact for different industries across major countries, including China & USA
• Fintech vs Techfin

2. Big Data, Cloud and Blockchain
• Where is the Big Data coming from?
• Right Concept of Big Data and Blockchain
• Myth of Big Data & Cloud

3. AI
• What is it and why it matters?
• Global and China trends
• Real-life applications, changing the future life!

Speaker: Prof. Emil Chan
Language: Cantonese
Venue: This workshop will take place online via ZOOM
Enquiries: Cathy Chan Tel: 2823 1282 Email: cathy@chamber.org.hk
Fee: Members @ HK$280 / Non-Members @ HK$400
+$50 for booking offline
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Registration: https://www.chamber.org.hk/en/events/whatson_detail.aspx?e_code=W200925TD